Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mrs. Knight's Class: Angry Bird Rhythms

The second graders have been working with rhythms using quarter notes (doo), eighth notes (doo-day) and quarter rests (silence).  Here is Mrs. Knight's class tapping out some rhythms to the "Angry Birds Theme".


  1. I liked this activity quite a lot. I think it has high interest for the children. Did you make the projected rhythms that were shown on the whiteboard? If so,
    would it be possible for you to share? Or, if not, could you please share the source?

    Thank you for your nice blog..

    1. Thank you for viewing my blog. I created for my families, but have noticed a lot of other music teachers view it, too! My kids absolutely loved this activity. I guess we'd better kick it up a notch.

      This is a YouTube by Perdro Morales called "Angry Birds (Lectura rítmica)". He has several others, but the timing is not always great. This one had a few timing glitches, but we worked around it. I recommend checking them all out. (My ELL students really liked that it was in Spanish!)

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