Monday, February 21, 2011

Former President Clinton on the Influence of Music

"Music can give you your dreams. It will teach you hard work, it will break
your heart and make you so happy, you can't stand it. . . .I don't think I'd
have been president if it hadn't been for music."

Former President Bill Clinton, 2001
At an event celebrating the restoration of music programs to the Newark Public Schools

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

6-KFF Sings "Hey Ho, Nobody Home" In a 3-Part Canon

The 6th grade general music classes switched teachers last week.  Now I have the group which named themselves the Kung Fu Fighters, KFF for short.  They are shown here singing the American folk song, "Hey Ho, Nobody Home" in a 3-part canon. We later added drums and woodblocks as an accompaniment.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Elementary Music Education has Lasting Impact

“Music got me through school! It helped me both academically and psychologically. I never understood fractions until I learned to read music. Vocal music increased my fluency and vocabulary in reading more than any reading class I ever had. The music was very therapeutic and the one driving force that kept me wanting to come back every day.

“I graduated from high school 29 years ago, but I can still recall songs, lyrics, and facts learned through music in elementary school. I really don't remember anything else from my early years, but the music is still there! I am now an elementary music teacher and I see the impact that music has on my students every day. I can reach kids that others feel are unreachable or maybe even unteachable. Music improves their attitudes, stimulates and increases their brain activity, and gives EVERY child an opportunity to succeed!”

- Cindy H., Arkansas