Sunday, October 6, 2013

Head: "Clap Your Hands"

The kindergarten music classes learned about AB form with this song.  Watch as they move on the A part and stand still with hands together on the B part.  This is from Primary Dances and Singing Games, by Denise Gagne.

Jackson: "Elephants Have Wrinkles"

The kindergarten classes enjoyed learning this fun movement song.  They're having so much fun that they don't even realize that they are working on walking to the beat!  This is from a collection by Denise Gagne called Movement Songs Children Love. 

Balsbaugh: "We Are Fifth Grade"

The fifth grade classes reviewed the scale, and rhythms with this catchy little tune.  Listen for the syncopated rhythm (short-long-short)  in the scale pattern.  Despite the serious looks on their faces, the students really enjoyed this.  (They were a bit camera shy)