Saturday, February 5, 2011

Elementary Music Education has Lasting Impact

“Music got me through school! It helped me both academically and psychologically. I never understood fractions until I learned to read music. Vocal music increased my fluency and vocabulary in reading more than any reading class I ever had. The music was very therapeutic and the one driving force that kept me wanting to come back every day.

“I graduated from high school 29 years ago, but I can still recall songs, lyrics, and facts learned through music in elementary school. I really don't remember anything else from my early years, but the music is still there! I am now an elementary music teacher and I see the impact that music has on my students every day. I can reach kids that others feel are unreachable or maybe even unteachable. Music improves their attitudes, stimulates and increases their brain activity, and gives EVERY child an opportunity to succeed!”

- Cindy H., Arkansas

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